Travelling to Swedish Lapland is not so difficult as it might sound like. Many years ago, people thought it was a brave thing going so far up North. Nowadays there is no limit in travelling to far, extreme and exotic regions. We will give some tips how to travel to Jokkmokk.

Travel to Jokkmokk during the winter
If you travel by airplane, we always advice to travel to Stockholm and from there on you can fly to Luleå airport.
It is advisable to travel with one and the same airline. In that way you do not have to run around with luggage checking in and out twice. SAS (Scandinavien Airlines Sytem) has several flights to Luleå. Train station Lapland
From Stockholm it is also possible to travel by train. This is a night train and you travel to Luleå, Boden or Murjek. We advise to travel to Luleå or Boden, from there is a buss to Jokkmokk. Travelling from Murjek station is a little tricky some days so we do not recommand that option right now.

Instead for taking the buss you can also rent a car at the airport. It gives you more freedom to see more than just Jokkmokk. If you wish to do activities, you sometimes also need your own transportation to get to the location. The roads are well maintained during winter. The rental cars have winter tires or you can even ask them to prepare the car with studded tires.

Travelling by car is also possible. There are guests who really love to come by car during winter. An absolute must are winter tires suitable for the Northern parts of Europe. Are you coming often to Sweden during the winterseason then it is probably cheaper to buy suitable winter tires especially for the Northern parts of Sweden. Sometimes guests chose to rent tires when then cross the border into Sweden.

How to get here by car
Ferry from Germany to Sweden
Let´s assume you come from Europe, driving through Germany. Our favourite combi is car and an overnight stay on the ferry. A floating hotel, a good night rest and a great happy feeling; VACATION. Don´t forget, the journey is the destination. TT-Line (Travemünde-Trelleborg) has several departures per day, from several ferry ports, so you can choose a day tour or an evening tour. Then there is Stena Line, from Kiel to Gothenburg or other ports.

Once you are driving in Sweden, we can advice you to drive road 45, which leads you through lovely small villages. There are shops, restaurants, hostels, hotels and campsites with cabins for rent along the way. We advice you to book the accommodation a day before arrival or before you start your tour for the day.

How to dress during the winter
Here you see an example for the coldest periods.

In Jokkmokk it is possible to rent warm jackets, boots at Laponia Adventures, to be booked in advance.
There are also some nice shops where you can buy thermo underwear or mittens, hats socks etc.

Do not hesitate to ask us if you have questions.

Photo in the header by: Cheap Snow Gear