You hate it or love it

How the h….did you end up in Jokkmokk?

This is always, and i mean always, the first question i get when i meet guests. I could write a book to give you that answer. It all started 16th of June 1993. Our first vacation to Sweden. At that time Scandinavia was hard to reach. At least, that is what many people thought.

You had to leave the main land, depending from which side you came, cross the East sea, or North Sea. Complicated bookings for the ferry. In those years Scandinavia was something like far, far away. A cold land, overseas, snow and ice the whole year around, only dirt roads. Do they have power supply? Can they have a microwave? Uhh what? Sometimes we really were wondering how people think or where those thoughts came from.

So, the first journey was, also for us a big adventure, but we like adventures. And it was the best decision ever.
It was the start of an ever lasting love………