Wow, we had a great warm period untill today! Tropical Jokkmokk.
After the long white but beautiful winterseason, we finally could enjoy the sun, feeling the warmth of the sun on our face. Sitting in front of our house, enjoying this great balcony where we can sit for hours, staring at the river just in front of us. Listening to the birds. Watching the squirrels. No stress, just nature around us.

But, my mind is restless. The winter had an abrupt ending, because of the Covid19 problems. I hear the problems my colleques are strugling with. We do not want to give up, but the uncertainty about the future is slowly getting to us. Will we have guests in Jokkmokk during the summer? Can we sell some activities and guided tours?
The first 3 months were filled with webinars, workshops, more webinars. Giving us inspiration, keeping up faith, trying to stay positive and giving support to each other. What more can we do?
We can only try to prepare ourselves for the future. A future, where people feel save to travel again.
So we are working on this new website, and trying to support our colleagues, by refering to each other, in order to help the guests visiting Jokkmokk in any way we can.

To have some distraction and having the time being a tourist in our own region, we make some small tours ourselves. This week we visited “Helvetesfallet” – Hell´s falls. It was a warm and sunny day, we took the car, brought coffee and sandwiches and our dog Ludde. Windows open and off we went.
The tour is through a beautiful area, behind a military terrain. Forrest, lovely views, lakes. Lakes? Did anyone say lakes? Ludde, our Flatcoated/Golden Retrievermix loves water. So, lots of stops along the way to make his day.
Meanwhile we were drinking our coffee, eating our sandwich, and suddenly my eye catches something moving. Cranes. Maybe not so special if you are coming from the South but upp here we see them too little. I love cranes and especially the sound they are making. I asked them politely if they wanted to “sing” for me. And yes! They really did it!

On our way back we took a detour into “Mattisuddens Flottningsdamm” . A restored dam from the era of log driving with a great recreation area. During the tour we also saw moose, reindeer, a deer, a black woodpecker, and only 1 other car during the whole tour! So, keeping distance does not have to be a problem during your vacation!

The only thing which is not different this summer are the mosquitos! We have them plenty but you can buy good lotions to protect yourselves from them in Jokkmokk.