What does Jokkmokk Arctic Dream do to make your holiday a dream come true?

While you are sitting at home, dreaming about your holiday, there are so many things you think about.
How do we travel, what kind of accommodation do we need or want, what kind of experiences do we wish to do, can we afford it? How do we find flights, traintables, ferries. You already get tired thinking about it, while planning your vacation must be fun! Nothing but fun!

That´s were we come in! If you decide that you travel to Swedish Lapland with Jokkmokk as your destination, we are here for you. We will be your contact through your whole journey. We speak Dutch, English, German and Swedish. As a result, it makes it easier for you to finally take the threshold to visit Sweden!

Jokkmokk Arctic Dream loves to work especially for couples, seniors, families and small groups. We establish and match your wishes with our network. We know the guides and companies in this area. Our biggest passion is to find the right guide who will give you the atmosphere you are looking for.

Let´s do it!

How does it exactly work?

  • Once you have decided that you want to visit Jokkmokk, you can already contact us. Let us know, what period you would like to come, how long you wish to stay, and what kind of experiences you wish to do. Together we will discuss some options and if you agree, we are going to work for you. From this moment on you are our guest and client. We will check availibilities, prices and will make you a nice proposition or package*
  • Even if you already have booked your flight and accommodation, we are happy to help you to book your experiences in and around Jokkmokk.
  • On our website you will find lots of standard experiences in Jokkmokk to choose from. Our kalenders are enquiries, but 99% we are able to book the date of your choise.
  • When your “booking” comes in, we check with our collegues what availabilities they have and we book the tour for you. If the tour you chose or the date does not match, we consult you right a way and already have been checking around which tour and dates are possible. In that way, we save you the trouble for calling and surfing around.
  • If we have the confirmation from the guide, we will send you a specified confirmation by email and your booking is ready.
  • If your arrival takes longer then 2 weeks before you arrive in Jokkmokk, we will send you a payment link with
    I-Zettle from our mobile phone, or if you already are here and book on short notice, we meet in person in Jokkmokk. A 20% deposit must be paid in advance and is nonrefundable.
  • Please make sure you have a good travel insurance, especially for outdoor activities!
    Most tours are att own risk! If an accident will occur, there is often an amount for selfrisk to pay.
    Cancellation; Please read our terms & conditions carefully!
  • Do you pay extra for our services? We will work with different gradations, depending on how much work we will do for you. Remember, we will be your contact for as long as neccesary during your vacation, in your own language (Dutch, German, English or Swedish)
Booking fee for standard experiences up to 4 personsFree of charge
Booking fee for tailormade packages up to 4 persons*500 SEK incl. VAT
Booking fee for tailormade packages per group ( 5 to 10 persons)*1250 SEK incl. VAT
* We will always inform you about extra costs directly if we have our first contact or if we send you an offer.

We do not book flights, trains or ferries but off course we can give you info or tips.

Hope to meet you soon in Destination Jokkmokk.