Just above the Arctic Circle is a small village called Jokkmokk.

A beautiful destination in Swedish Lapland to spend your vacation. The forest covered in snow, the glassy lakes,
the Midnight Sun during summer, the Northern Lights and Arctic Colours during autumn and winter are just a few of wonderful opportunities to enjoy during your vacation

Jokkmokk Arctic Dream mediates experiences/activities and especially for the Wintermarket and Nordenskiöldsloppet, private accommodation.


I am Olga and this is my husband Jaap.
Then there is Ludde, the cutest dog you have ever met. And Gompie, the black cat, now 16 years old and still acting like a teenager. Our roots are in the Netherlands, Holland they call it as well. Since 2013 we live in Jokkmokk. In 2013, me and my husband Jaap moved to Sweden, Jokkmokk.

While we were working on- and managing a small campsite, the question came; what can you do in Jokkmokk, can you help me book an experience? Where am I going if I want to see the Northern Lights?

Then the question came from entrepreneurs in the municipality; Olga, can´t you start your own company, to help the guests to book activities, answer other questions. So began my new own adventure with Jokkmokk Arctic Dream. Jokkmokk Arctic Dream conveys experiences in Jokkmokk and also in other municipalities. I love to help to find the right activity and the right guide to the guests. One comes for the high and the other wants to experience everything in peace and quiet. Different types of companies, different types of guides, different types of characters and atmospheres. When they match and we get a wonderful feedback, it gives us an incredible happy feeling.

We are always looking for new partners, experiences and try to inspire others as well to start with new activities and programs.

Apart from that all, I love meeting the guests in person and hearing their story.
I love to drive nice car tours, take pictures. So, Private sightseeing tours was born. I can show our guests who may not come by car or do not want to drive themselves, how nice Jokkmokk municipality is. Even more perfect for seniors and couples. To scout and see animals in nature, “listen” to the stillness, share the love of nature in a simple way. Answer their questions, what is it like to live near the Arctic Circle, with extreme temperatures.
In the meantime, I can share my passion and see how others enjoy. Are the guests happy, I am happy too!

Hope to see you soon!

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