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Jokkmokk Arctic Dream is intermediating private accommodation especially for the big events taking place in Jokkmokk.

The yearly events held in Jokkmokk are the Wintermarket, in February.
The world´s longest ski race, 220 km, the Nordenskiöldsloppet, in March.

The question came from the community if we wanted to start this service to help visitors coming to Jokkmokk finding good private accommodation. And so we did. Everything went well until the Wintermarket, but Covid-19 caused an abrupt STOP for the Ski-event Nordenskiöldsloppet. We all learned the hard way, that we must be prepared for the future even more, that these kinds of problems can happen.

We love our work and we want everyone to feel save and secure with us. The hosts who wishes to rent out their homes, finding the right guests, and you, our guest looking for accommodation, to make sure you do not end up at some mattress in a kitchen. Accommodation is not for free and neither are our services.

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