Here we have some tips for you to find accommodation in or close to Jokkmokk

Hotels and guesthouses
Guesthouse Åsgård
Hotel Åkerlund
Hotel Jokkmokk
Martinas stuga
Hotel Vuollerim
Årrenjarka Fjällby
Arctic Colors Porjus

For private accommodation, especially during the Wintermarket or Nordenskiöldsloppet;
Most people own a Facebook account. On Facebook you find groups about Jokkmokk and the
Jokkmokk Wintermarket where you can find private hosts. Those who wish to rent out can contact you directly and also send a PM (personal message). Prices for accommodation are around 700 SEK per person per night incl. sheets and towel. On Blocket, an advertising site, you also might be able to find accommodation.
Also Airbnb offers private accommodation in Jokkmokk.

Jokkmokk Arctic Dream can help you to book your activities. Especially during the Wintermarket it is important that you book them as soon as possible. Check out the experiences we offer and as soon as your accommodation is arranged, we can book your activities for you!