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Welcome to the world´s largest ski race Nordenskiöldsloppet26 March 2022

Here you can find the last information about Nordenskiöldsloppet 2022, which comes from the official website from Red Bull Nordenskiöldsloppet. (https://www.nordenskiöldsloppet.se)

After the event has been cancelled due to Covid19 in 2020 and partly also in 2021, we had to cancel all the bookings for accommodation as well. Covid19 leaves a lot of uncertainty in the travel industry and future events taking place or not. To Jokkmokk Arctic Dream hosting and service is very important. We want our guests and hosts to feel safe and secure with us in co-working. The guests, as wel as the hosts, have rights and obligations towards each other.

If you are going to participate in the big event, you probably need accommodation. Through this site you can register for accommodation, read and approve our terms & conditions at the same time as well as directly check a box to get help from the travel agency SN-Resor in Jokkmokk, to help you book your flights, train and bus connections. Here is some more info about we received from the organisation.

It’s easy to get to Red Bull Nordenskiöldsloppet!

Stockholm-Luleå (SAS, Norwegian) 1,15 hours
Stockholm-Gällivare (Next Jet): 2,5 hours


Luleå airport – Jokkmokk, Jokkmokk-Luleå airport
The organisation from Red Bull Nordenskiöldsloppet offer shuttle busses from Luleå airport to Jokkmokk, see preliminary time table below.

From Luleå to Jokkmokk:
Thursday 24-3: 19.30 from Luleå Airport
Friday 25-3: 14.00 from Luleå Airport

From Jokkmokk to Luleå:
Sunday 27-3: 13.00 from Jokkmokk (hotel, camping aprox. 10 minutes later)
Monday 28-3: 07.00 from Jokkmokk (hotel, camping aprox. 10 minutes later)

Price: 275 SEK one way. Contact Merja Tyrväinen, merja@nordenskioldslopp.se; 070-5594019 for reservations.
Note; Reservations can be made from 1st of December 2021
Note: You have to book your ticket at least one day before your trip! The schedule is preliminary and may be adapted to arrival and departure times at Luleå airport.

Luleå-Jokkmokk: 2 hours (175 km)
Boden-Jokkmokk: 1,5 hours (135 km)
Gällivare-Jokkmokk: 1 hour 15 minutes (101 km)

From about 1st of November 2021 we will open the requestform for accommodation again.