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Welcome to Jokkmokk Market – 3, 4, 5, Februari 2022

Covid19 still leaves a lot of uncertainty in the travel industry and future events taking place or not. To Jokkmokk Arctic Dream hosting and service is very important. We want our guests and hosts to feel safe and secure with us in co-working. The guests, as wel as the hosts, have rights and obligations towards each other.

Through this site you can send a request for accommodation, read and approve our terms & conditions at the same time as well as directly check a box to get help from the travel agency SN-Resor in Jokkmokk, to help you book your flights, train and bus connections.

Jokkmokk Arctic Dream can also help you to book your activities. Especially during the Wintermarket it is important that you book them as soon as possible. Check out the experiences we offer and as soon as your accommodation is arranged, we can book your activities for you!

Please read Private Accommodation, how does it work?
Please read General terms & conditions for Jokkmokk Arctic Dream

Request form for private accommodation will be launched 1st of November for Jokkmokks Market 2022