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How does it work if you send us a request to find private accommodation?

  • Together with a legal counsel we have written terms & conditions which everyone much adhere to. You can read them here and we will send them to you by email as well, by the time we confirm a booking. Please read this carefully.
  • When you send us a request, we will confirm that we have received your request and we will start looking for a host and accommodation that matches your request and needs. Sometimes it can take a while to match, but we always get back to you. In the mean time, you are free to search yourself as well off course. We just ask you to inform us if you have found something yourself.
  • We will consult you what we can offer and after your approval and after the host has approved you, we will make the agreement between you (the guest) and the host. From that moment on, and not before, we charge you for our services. The agreement is always between you (our guest) and the host who rent out the accommodation.
  • We will send you a confirmation by email, or a letter if you like. You have to check if everything is in order. After we have received your written OK within 48 hours by email, we will send you the information and address you need how to find your accommodation.
  • We will send you two separate invoices in SEK for our services after your booking. One for the costs of our intermediation and one for the accommodation.
  • The full amount in SEK for intermediation to Jokkmokk Arctic Dream is non-refundable.
  • The full amount you pay in SEK for the accommodation goes into a special account till you have used the accommodation.
  • 25% of the amount for the accommodation is a deposit for the host, and this 25% is also
  • Jokkmokk Arctic Dream will monitor, administrate, manage the money until you have used your accommodation. Once you leave Jokkmokk, we will pay the host the amount they are entitled to.
  • IF you want to cancel or must cancel your booking, accordingly to our terms & conditions, we will handle the payment. It is therefore we also ask for your bank account in the application.

Our service fee 2022:
500 SEK incl. VAT per booking

If you have read our terms & conditions and if you agree with our policy, you can fill in your application.

Go to one of the pages below to make a request for your accommodation: