Rent a bike, maybe even a tandem for 2.

Since many guests arrive by train or bus, a bicycle can give you just a little more freedom and comfort during your stay in Jokkmokk. To provide you with an easy way of exploring the beautiful area we rent out bicycles during the summer. Below you will find information about the bicycles and accessories we have on offer.

To make it easier for the guests who are visiting Jokkmokk, the bicycles can be picked up at Hotel Åkerlund in the center of Jokkmokk. You can book the bicycle through Hotel Akerlund directly.

Please note that the bikes are only to be used in Jokkmokk and some smaller roads directly around it.
The bikes are not be taken to, for example, the parking place close to Aktse, where you use the bike 10 km, and leave it there. Those roads are simply not for these bikes!

Bicycle can be picked up between08:00 – 10:00
Returning bicycle at the latest19:00 – 22:00 or as agreed otherwise

If the bicycle will not be returned within those hours without notification, we will charge you extra rental costs for 1 day.


Standard bicycle175 SEK
Tandem for 2300 SEK
Childrens bike seat 50 SEK

If you are having an accident, and the bike is damaged and needs to be repaired we will charge you;

Lost helmet50 SEK
Flat tire100 SEK
Crooked bicycle tire300 SEK
Lost, stolen or destroyed bicycle2000 SEK
Lost, stolen or destroyed tandem5000 SEK

Usually these costs are covered by your insurance.

You can always call us for help if needed; 0046(0)762433646  /