Booking terms & conditions for experiences

Jokkmokk Arctic Dream is working together with most of the companies in- and
around Jokkmokk.

Jokkmokk Arctic Dream is working with an online booking – inquiry – system. We will personally contact the company and/or guide to get a confirmation for your booking.

After we have received a confirmation from the company and/or guide who performs the tour, we will contact you and email you a confirmation with all the specifications. Please check if the dates are as you required. If you see anything which is not correct, please contact us to correct any misunderstandings immediately.

Now it is a binding booking and we will charge you 100%. Bookings must be payed directly. We will send you a payment link through I-Zettle by mobile phone, or if you are already in Jokkmokk, we can meet each other to do the payment in person.

If you book 2 weeks prior to your arrival in Jokkmokk, we will email you an invoice, which must be paid within 48 hours.

Cancellations must be made as soon as possible, so we can inform the guide.
Please read General terms & conditions for Jokkmokk Arctic Dream for more details

Changes in your booking;
If you wish to modify a name or date you need to contact us per email. In case of changing a date, we will contact the guide and we will check with them if a change is possible. We can never guarantee if we can really reschedule the tour, but we will do everything to help you or we search for another solution.
If you wish to cancel the whole booking because we can not achieve your request, the cancellation policy applies.

If you wish to reduce the number of participants, this is not a change but a cancellation of persons.
The cancellation policy applies for that person, which is mentioned in our General terms & conditions.

If you wish to add a person in your booking, we must check with the guide. The change is free of charge.

We strongly recommend that you have a travel/cancellation insurance. If you buy a travel insurance, please check if outdoor activities like dogsledding (driving yourself) and snowmobiletours (driving yourself) are included. Ask what is or is not included in case of accidents or other unforeseen matters.

If a guide must decide to cancel the tour, due to illness, we will consult you and together we will decide where we can book you a simular tour. If we are not able to book you another tour, you will get a 100% refund minus bankcosts if they occured for the payment.

Please check if the telephone number you gave us is a mobile phone number. We must be able to reach you just in case. Do not forget to write your country code as well.