Season: 26 Dec - 15 April Start: 10:30 Duration: Half day - ± 4,5 hours Energy level: Easy Group size: min. 2 - max. 4 Minimum age: 6 Location: Årrenjarka
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We have never enough partners to book private sightseeing tours. Here is a sightseeing tour through one of my personal favorite area´s; The Kvikkjokk-Kabla Nature Reserve. 

If you are an early bird and like to drive the car, enjoying stunning sunrise and sunsets, mountains. Maybe even reindeer or moose on your way, then this is a lovely day out for you.

Normally during winter, it takes about 1,5 hours to get to the start location. However, if you like to take lots of photos, I always strongly advice to plan 2,5 to 3 hours for the drive. The tour goes first to Årrenjarka, which means "ekorrudden". Translated to English you will visit Squirrel cape!
The name alone is probably a story you would like to know about. You come to the right person, because your guide Tor-Henrik is, besides his Sámi background, also archaeologist. His knowledge is already making today´s tour an interesting fact.

Tor-Henrik will be your host on this sightseeing tour, by dog-sled! You will meet at Årrenjarka Mountain Lodge where you will get warm clothes. A jacket or overall, warm boots and a warm hat. Bring yours anyway, as well a good pair of mittens because it will be cold outside! After getting dressed you will meet the stars of the day. They are waiting for you, welcoming you singing out loud. Almost bouncing in their kennel, eager to get out and pull the sled. Meet your fluffy doggy friends on 4 legs. A short instruction how to sit. Helping Tor-Henrik harnessing the dogs if you like and take a relaxing seat. Off you go!

Sliding out of Årrenjarka, the tiny settlement, crossing frozen Lake Saggat, into the nature-reserve Kivkkjokk-Kabbla. Watch the dogs, doing what they love to do. Listen to the silence, and hear the iron from underneath the sled sliding over snow- and icy trails. Enjoy a lovely outdoor break with warm drink and warm snacks, the mountains around you.  After the break, the dogs need to get going again and your host will steer the dogs back to the kennel. First, the dogs will be taken care off. Taking off harnesses, a final cuddle and feeding the dogs before they go to sleep. Then it is time to say goodbye, return the borrowed clothing and drive back to your accommodation safely. 

Price per person for this half day tour (approx. 4,5 hours)  - 2200 SEK  (Max. 2 persons per booking)


Since it is all in all a longer day tour, you might not wish to drive your own car. We also offer a combi moose-safari and sightseeing tour on dog sled. 
Arctic Light, Elky & Alaskan husky tour - Jokkmokk Arctic Dream 



Good morning

Time : 08:00

Driving to the location

From your accommodation you drive to the location with your own transportation.
During winter it will take about 2 hours to get there. You might spot reindeer and or moose along the way.

Arrival at location

Time : 10:30

Time to get dressed in warm extra clothes

At the dressing room you will get a warm overall and boots. Do not forget to use the toilet 1 more time. Dressed up? Time to go to the kennel and start preparing for the tour. Take a seat on the sled and enjoy the ride!


  • The use of warm jacket or overall, boots, hats
  • A spot on dogsled
  • Warm drink and warm snacks during break
  • Swedish, Norwegian and English speaking guide


  • Travel insurances
  • Transport to and from location 
  1. Olga Stam:

    Incoming through Facebook from Nicolas & Tessa;
    Tessa and I had a wonderful time during our moose safari, snowmobile and husky tour under the expert guidance of Olga. With her smooth communication & excellent organisation skills, Olga truly goes the extra mile to make your experience exceptional even if conditions sometimes make it difficult. During our husky tour the dogs were too tired, and instead of pushing them, we let them rest. We did snowmobile instead and came back the following day. It was even better than planned, and the dogs thanked us for letting them rest with extra energy. Thanks Olga & Tor-Henrik for the great experience!

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