Low budget activity, fun and burning calories on top of it!

My first time…..

Oh what a terrible picture in the header!

If you see the picture in the header, my first time walking on snowshoes was not so easy.
I walked on a very small path. Could not even put my feet beside each other. To walk on snowshoes you need to walk a little astride. So, it did not take longe before….. PUFF…….the snowshoes got stuck together ! Or better said, with a big thud, there was I. Lying in the snow. Could not stop laughing and almost peeing in my pants. It was difficult to get upp from the snow. No grip and constantly sinking into the fluffy snow. But after a while it got better. If anyone can laugh about herself it´s me. Anyway, I started to use other snowshoes, which made it much easier to walk on snowshoes.

The snowshoes we use and rent out are from MSR Evo trail 22. A lovely light snowshoe to walk on.
Made for shoesizes 35 to 48 (EU sizes). The DuoFit straps are easy to handle.

You can book the snowshoes, at least 2 days in advance by sending an email to; info@jokkmokkarcticdream.se


Price per day per set250 SEK
From day 3, price per set150 SEK
Delivery in Jokkmokk Centrum – T/R
(Busstation, Hotel Åkerlund, Hotel Jokkmokk
Guesthouse Åsgard, Skabram Camping, Arctic Camp)
300 SEK

You can always call us for help if needed; 0046(0)762433646  / info@jokkmokkarcticdream.se